New Selfie Sticks: So Cool, the President’s Got One!

obama selfie stick

One of the hottest products we saw at the 2015 Promotional Products Association International trade show in Las Vegas had to be the Selfie Stick. President Obama even used one in his new video for BuzzFeed, aimed to promote the website’s offerings.

Some people are saying Obama wasn’t being too “presidential” in the video, and we can sort of understand why they would make this comment. But come on, aren’t they really kind of being, well, sticks in the mud?

We think the President should still be allowed to have a little fun. And who wouldn’t love playing with a selfie stick? Selfie sticks are a great promotional item especially for any venue where people gather in groups, like amusement parks, hotels, or large parties like weddings and bar mitzvahs. They could be a clever re-sale item for a hotel chain or entertainment company, or a giveaway promotional item that party-goers will really hold onto and use.

selfie stick promotional item These sticks are the perfect tool to take awesome selfies. Made from Stainless Steel with a PVC coated handle, this model does not require a battery or use of an app. Simply plug the 3.5mm audio jack into your iPhone® and press the button located on the handle. The adjustable phone holder fits all smartphones – simply make use of the self timer function on your Android, Samsung and other mobile devices with a built-in camera. Extends to 35.5 inches for that perfect shot.   selfie stick promotional product CT


This extendable Selfie Handheld Stick works with many smartphones. Using it you can capture photos or video above the crowds or in hard to reach places. It’s really easy to operate: just set the timer on your camera, extend the rod up to 3-1/2 feet and you’re ready to shoot.


branded selfie stick promotional itemIf you’re not looking for a true “selfie stick,” you might still want to consider the iSelfie, which allows you to take your selfie from the perfect angle. The iSelfie camera shutter is compatible with iPhone 3 or newer and has a 3.5 mm audio jack with 38 inch cord. Simply plug in and capture the moment. Selfies aren’t going away any time soon, and these relatively inexpensive promotional items give you an opportunity to get your brand in on the action.

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