The Promotional Pen is STILL Mighty

In today’s challenging economic climate, it may be difficult to allocate resources for promotional items. However, there may be one item to consider keeping. Especially, once you realize that the item doesn’t have to be expensive. It can be as simple and inexpensive as a promotional pen with your information on it. But, don’t be fooled, this little item can make a big impact.

Digital Devices have NOT Replaced Pens

Even in today’s digital world, everyone uses a pen. Sometimes old fashioned pen to paper is the best and, indeed the only way to gather thoughts or diagram the situation. Potential customers, clients, associates and business partners will appreciate a little generosity in the form of a handy writing tool, and when your company’s name, logo, web address and contact information are printed for recipients to see time and time again, they are likely to remember your business fondly.

promotional penPromotional Pens are Frequently Used

According to a study by the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) a single pen is used on average 18.2 times per month, making it the most frequently used promotional product category. In addition, that pen is looked at several times a day, making it an extremely low Cost Per Impression (CPI). Lastly, a pen may travel further than you expect because pens often move from one person’s hand to a different hand so that pen, which started with an original customer may end up with another, potential, customer- priceless! Call for a quote: (860) 632-9400

rubics cube promotional penChoosing the Best Promotional Pen

There is a wide range of types, styles and colors to choose from, and many of them offer unique features that will call serious attention to your brand image. Choose from click-action, twist-action or stylus pens (the ultimate marriage of old and new, they allow you to write, draw and navigate on any touchscreen device). With so many design options to consider and combinations of style, color and imprint methods, you’re bound to find a promo pen that will complement the tone of your business.

promotional marker setA Great “Small Promo Item”

Custom pens are among the easiest promo items to distribute. They’re small, eye-catching, and usable any time. If you’re organizing a fundraiser, hand out promo pens to donors. If you want to boost workplace morale, distribute them to employees to promote achievement and team spirit. Want to make an impression at the next meeting? Use custom pens as leave-behinds. Need to reward your customers or clients for their loyalty? Send an engraved pen alongside a “Thank You” letter. The options are yours, and so is the brand exposure!

Best of all, you can significantly promote your company’s image without making a significant investment. Your brand name deserves to be represented with distinction, but there’s no reason that distinction has to be costly. Personalized pens can be an affordable and effective addition to your marketing efforts. Call for a quote: (860) 632-9400

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