The Best Home & Gourmet Promotional Items

Promotional items that people use in their homes are a great investment. The right promotion will give your logo great visibility, in a place where customers will see it every day. Here are some of our ideas for the best home promotional items.

home promotional item blackboardChalk Board and Cork Board in One

This is a great promotional item that any busy home will appreciate. It’s super for an in-school promotional item as well.

If you have any type of community-based business that caters to younger families, we think this is a very economical way to stay in front of your customers. It includes two pieces of chalk and 5 pushpins to get them started.
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oven mitt promotional itemOven Mitt for Chefs

This is a clever promotion for home-related businesses, like mortgage brokers or realtors. You can play off the “don’t get burned” idea in promoting your brand if that’s integral to your value proposition.

This is a fun and functional item for food companies, school fundraisers or meal delivery companies. Constructed of 100% Cotton Canvas fabric, with 150 g woven content. Your clients can keep it in easy reach with the hanging loop.
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home promotional blanket brandedCozy Winter Home Promotion

This is definitely a perfect promotion for HVAC companies or chimney services.

It’s an ultra soft and silky, coral-fleece blanket that is sure to please! Don’t let the pretty look fool you; coral-fleece is durable and won’t pill with use. Choose from 12 vibrant colors, so you are sure to find a color that suits your logo and brand identity. 100% Polyester.

bbq tool promotionGourmets at the Grill

Your customers will love this great BBQ tool set. It’s a smart promotional item for any business that serves homeowners, especially deck contractors, lawn services, or exterior painting companies.

The handy aluminum tube holds it all and is a bright spot to feature your logo and tagline for your business. Just think how often your customers barbeque, and you’ll realize how much mileage you will get out of this cooking related promotion.
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wine bottle opener promotionOpen Up a Dialogue with Customers

Every gourmet loves a good wine bottle opener, and keeps it conveniently on-hand. Let your logo take center stage every time with this professional wine bottle opener.

The Brookstone® X Wine Opener is a 3-in-1 opener with foil cutter stand made of ABS Plastic. It features an eye-catching x-shaped handle and a foil cutter that fits discretely into the bottom of the stand. The x-shape allows the opener to also be used to display your wine bottle on a table. This is a great promotional item for any business that wants to stay in front of a gourmet audience.



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